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My specialization lies in creating WordPress websites. In addition to my experience with websites and software, I also have a passion for PC hardware and occasionally engage in graphic design work.


After working professionally for 5+ years in various areas of web development, I have played an essential role for several companies in developing and improving their online presence and services. From backend development for a tailor-made ERP system to frontend design for an E-commerce webshop.

In addition to professional website development, I also worked as a hobby for several years on “community-driven” game servers. Here I gained experience for development in a live environment, providing support to the players via web forums, and contact with other staff and management.

I am currently employed by mijn.host, a Dutch hosting company that offers hosting for private individuals and companies. They also offer domain registrations, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and other cloud services. Here I work as a Hosting Specialist, but also do software development for the control panel and the public website.

I’m a full-stack software developer with a preference for front-end.

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